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If you are a first-time angler or haven’t fished for several years, walking down the aisles in big fishing gear and apparel store Garland Texas can be intimidating. When it comes to fishing tackles, there seem to be boundless options, and sometimes it is impossible to know where to get started. While there are several ways to approach gearing up for your first trip to the river, some essential gear will put you on the right path. 

Rod & reel 

When it comes to choosing angling gear, you can go from mild to wild. There are specific rods and reels designed for every finishing style, but the important thing for first-time anglers is to keep things simple. You will want to look for rod and reel combo that you can use for both lure and bait fishing. A medium action rod line will be a great start and give you the chance to catch several different species.

Fishing line

Fishing lines today are available in several different diameters and materials. The bigger diameter lines are stronger than smaller options made from the same material. Braided lines are very thin and strong, while fluorocarbon lines are usually almost invisible underwater and abrasion-resistant, monofilament lines will stretch and are buoyant.

What are the types of tackles?

There are three different major types of tackle that you might need: weights, floats, and hooks. Weights are required to help keep your bait underwater and provide more casting distance. First-time anglers should choose the basic split shot weights. Also, make sure you opt for gamakatsu hooks; they are long-lasting, durable, and available in almost every fishing gear and apparel store Garland Texas. 

Lastly, there is hardly any angler that didn’t start fishing with a float. Floats help you keep your bait off the bottom of the river and offer a clear visual indication of the fish location. 

What are the right lures for first-timers? 

When you are eventually bored with bait fishing, you can start experimenting with lures. While there are several varieties of lure colors and styles, the most common lures that will provide a high success rate for time anglers include soft plastics, spinnerbaits, and topwater lures. Each type of lure is created to behave in a particular way in the water in order to attract fish.

Consider castable fish finder 

If you have tried every lure and live bait and still can’t catch anything, there could be one simple reason – there are no fishes in the river. Imagine you have a device that could see underwater and be certain there are fishes in the area – sonar devices could be the answer. Nowadays, castable fish finders are becoming more popular, and they are affordable devices option for first-time anglers.

The bottom line

There you have it. We are confident that with this basic fishing equipment, skillful angling, and a bit of luck, you can catch fish under most conditions. At Wet Rooster Jigs, we manufacture and sell a different variety of high-quality fishing gear for both first-time and seasoned anglers. Check out our wide selection of fishing gears today!


fishing gear and apparel store Garland Texas

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