Affordable fishing equipment Garland TX

You’re looking for affordable fishing equipment in Garland, TX. You’ll find everything you need for your next fishing adventure at Wet Rooster Jigs, at prices that are lower than our competition. We think that by making quality fishing supplies more affordable, we can provide a superior customer experience. Stop by any one of our three Garland bait & tackle locations for all of the equipment and accessories you need to catch your limit the next time you’re on the water- or shop online to save time.

Is Fishing Tackle Expensive?

You can invest a lot of money on fishing equipment before you realize how much you’ve spent. One of the best ways to see a higher return on your investment is to create a wish list for the equipment and tackle you need, and after carting your items, compare them with other websites to determine whether you’re spending wisely. At Wet Rooster Jigs, we carry a large assortment of rods & reels, lures for catfish & crappie, white bass & striper lures & spoons, tackle boxes, trolling accessories, terminal tackle, and much, much more. Take a closer look at our affordable fishing equipment in Garland, TX when you shop on our site or stop by our store.

What is Terminal Tackle and Do I Need It?

Terminal tackle is anything attached to the end of your fishing line, and while you most likely know that you need it to catch fish, what you may not know is that the type of terminal tackle you choose will determine your success fishing. Inferior quality materials and poorly-made tackle will typically result in more frustration than time with your line in the water. At Wet Rooster Jigs, we custom make tackle and we call on friends, family, and customers to try them out and provide feedback to ensure we sell only the best terminal tackle around. From a large selection of sinkers to everything you need to make your own terminal tackle, we have it all for less.

Quality vs. Affordability

With many products, you’ll have to choose between quality and your budget, but that’s not the case at Wet Rooster Jigs. We combine the best of both worlds to ensure our customers have convenient access to top-quality fishing accessories and equipment without it costing a small fortune to get set up. Stop in to speak with one of our fishing pros for advice, fishing or tackle tips, or just to browse our extensive collection of products.

Gear Up For Less

You won’t just find the most affordable fishing equipment in Garland, TX when you shop at Wet Rooster Jigs- we think you’ll enjoy the personal experience we offer to our customers, as well. We buy used rods & reels, provide gift certificates for your friends & family, and give out a free bag of ice with your in-store purchase; it’s all part of our commitment to making sure you’re prepared to go out and catch your limit when you want to enjoy a day of fishing.

Affordable fishing equipment Garland TX

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