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Walking into a tackle shop or an Outdoor Fishing shop, Garland TX can be a bit of an overwhelming experience when you are not certain on the right fishing gear for your needs. With literally dozens of lures and bait to choose from, you may think it is impossible to choose the right fishing tackle. You might have a lot of questions such as what kind of bait do I need? Do I need a fishing tackle bag? Should I buy fishing lures? Here are some important details you need to consider.

Spin-cast or spinning rod?

Chances are you will be considering either a spin-cast or spinning rod and reel. Some products offer prepackaged reels and rods. But if you are purchasing these fishing products separately, you will need to know exactly what to look for. A spin-cast rod has a handle that is slightly tilted downward with a finger hook on the bottom while the spinning rod has a straight handle, and there is no finger hook.

It is important to note that a spin-cast rod does not work well with spinning reels and vice versa. So, ensure your reel and rod match.

Fishing with jigheads

Jigheads are considered hybrid hooks and sinkers, as they are simply weighted hooks. Round jigheads are usually used for twister tail plastics or fishing grub. If you regularly fish, fish tubes and dater are a must, they are great for swimming plastic minnow baits.

For added attraction, some specialty jigheads offer blades, while others offer weed guards that protect the hooks from snagging when fishing in heavy vegetation areas. However, note that you get what you pay for when it comes to the quality of hooks on jigheads. So, ensure you buy a quality hook if you can afford it. 

Line selection

Just as reels and rods must be matched, so must your lines and lure. If the lure and line are not balanced to the reel and rod, the outfit may not cast properly. Whether you spool your reel with thin, no stretch braided or monofilament line, you should use the lightest line you can find.

You should be able to fish with 6-pound-test line and not lose a fish. 4-pound is even better if you are going to fish for panfish in a small boat. However, it is important you choose a quality fishing line.

What is the best fishing hooks?

It is best to stock up on a variety of hook styles and sizes for various fishing conditions. You may want to have some bait holder and octopus style hooks for finesse live bait offerings like worms or leeches. Having a variety of off-set hooks will allow you to fish soft plastic baits. Also, having replacement treble hooks for minnow baits and crankbaits is a good practice. 

Shop with the best outdoor fishing shop Garland TX

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Outdoor Fishing shop Garland TX

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