About Us


Here at Wet Rooster Jigs we thrive to create the best product possible. We use only the cleanest lead we can obtain. We cure/pour at the correct temperature to insure a smooth pour on all products. All jig heads and slabs are painted with the finest powder coat available. Our curing process is at optimal temperatures and times for each and every color. All rooster feather jigs are hand-tied in house to ensure quality of product. We are constantly trying to improve our product. We have an entire staff of guides, volunteers, family and friends testing our products daily. I personally test every crappie jig, slab and spinners for sand bass, stripers and hybrids. Now go get one! Wet One and Catch One!

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 we can no longer accept online purchases. Our team will be working over the coming weeks to improve the site and ensure we’re back up and running soon!

Sorry for the inconvenience & thank you for your understanding!